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Association committed to a liveable life of the patients affected by colorectal cancer


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Welcome to all our visitors on this website. Our association, called ’You can recover’ was established with the purpose to support and improve the quality of life of the patients suffering from the today’s most serious diease, from collorectal cancer. Our name itself refers to the fact that unfortunattely there are lots of patients who can’t undertake the burden of this serious disease, can’t speak about that and try to keep their problem private. I, myself not as an extrinsic, but as a diseased, have become the head of this association and I can tottaly emphasize with my companion’s problems that have to be faced every day.  

I beleive that the science resources nowdays have the opportunity to cure the disease recognized in good time with the help of the patient’s willpower and persistency. Our association’s name indicates conditional mood, expressing that the recovery depends to a great extent on how the patients approach the disease. Those who resign themselves to the inevitable and give up their fight, have less chance when taking part in our ’You can recover’ program. Our aim is to provide our patient companions emotional support and represent them in the fight against the disease, in their problems and needs.

As ’WE HAVE THE RIGHT OF RECOVERY’ Look us up, contact us, join our association as we are more effective if we can join our forces and can carry on our interest together. I wish good health and  great success for everybody with the work of carrying on our common interest.


Leslie Dobolyi




„The first article published in the media in September 2006, after the establishing meeting of our association with its slip of pen writing ’You recover’, raised our hopes in spite of the fact that the more than 200 patients and their relatives who took part in the meeting did not choose the conditional mood by mistake. The main goal of the association ’You can recover’ is exactly to join together those suffering from collorectal cancer, to support and help to get through the battle against this frightful disease with success. Our situation is double difficult as we got into the hard corner when due to the special features of our disease it should be concealed but at the same time it is known that this problem can reach everybody and the number of people diseased increase rapidly from year to year.  We, together with the doctors and other associations joining together the patients diseased with any types of cancer, would like to make great efforts to improve the chance of recovery of our patients and help them to have a human quality of life. This aim is worth integrating our forces together!”

 … in memory of our companion Geza Baranyai

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